Leasing opportunities in 8 Street Westfield Garden City

Opening in October 2014, 8 Street Westfield Garden City has been a very propolar Asian street food destination.  People travel from all area of Great Brisbane to come and enjoy this authentic Asian experience.  Many of existing food operators have opened their second and third store based on the success they have in 8 Street Westfield Garden City.

Although there is no vacancy in 8 Street Westfield Garden City, people's circumstances always change so we never know what and when is the next opportunity around corner!  

In the past, we have successful helped many new food operators started their business in 8 Street Westfield Garden City by either purchasing a current business or acquire the existing location with fitout.

Tell us what new and unqiue Asian street food you got to offer and we will contact you as soon as there is a potential opportunity coming up.  

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